CELEBRATIONS AND FESTIVALS This is the list of the main celebration


Winter festival, San Blas’ longweekend, to honor one of the town’s patron Saint. A fire, the twisted roll, nuts and wine delivery.February Carnivals. Fun for children and adults.


During the Holy Week, we celebrate our traditional processions, and a live procession performed by native people.


Cherry´s Celebration Day. One of the typical products of Milagro. You can taste this fruit, and visit the handycrafts market as well as enjoy with different activities.


Another local festivity is called Youth´s longweekend. We celebrate it close to 25th of July. Processions, running of bulls, concerts, coronation of Queen and its Ladies. We recommended you this weekend, it is very intense!


During 10 days from the first weekend of September, Milagro gets dressed of red and white, its typical regional custome, to honor the patron Saint San Blas.

Enjoy the different activities, day and night, for adults and children. Tradition and fun for everybody that you can not miss.