If we describe the geographic surroundings, we will locate to our town, in the Riverside of Navarra. An area irrigated by the Ebro River, very rich for cultivation, in contrast to Bardenas Reales, a semidesertic area (15Km away), declared Natural Reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO. It´s possible to travel across this natural reserve by 4X4, bike, quad or on foot.

Bardenas Reales de Navarra

Bardenas Reales, have an Adventure and Amusement Park called Sendaviva, where you will be able to enjoy the attractions, shows, animals… Adventure and fun for all the family (consult our great discounts in the tickets).


The aridity of this place has nothing to do with its people character: extrovert and happy, that it´s reflected on the traditions and popular celebrations.

The multicultural character of this earth comes from afar. The capital of the Riverside of Navarra, Tudela (30 km), reminds the coexistence between Arabs, Jews and Christians in its streets and buildings like the beautiful cathedral of Santa Maria, erected on one old Mosque. There are several very interesting routes that will make you discover the beauty of the surroundings, in an area of 30 km.

Catedral de Tudela

40 km away, the Navarra Zona Media, land of Castles and Monasteries. Olite (30 minutes distance), a medieval town, has one of the most emblematic Castles of Navarre, along with the Castle of Javier. It is necessary to emphasize his medieval celebrations and its medieval theatre festival in summer.

Castillo de Olite

Another great Monasteries in this area are the Monastery of Oliva, Valdorba or the one in Leyre, with stunning views over the reservoir of Yesa.

Monasterio de Leyre

Great towns like Sangüesa or Ujué and  beautiful natural places like the Foz de Lumbier, or the Pyrenees, where the beauty of forests, valleys and mountains will captivate you.

As you can see, Milagro is located on a privileged geographic situation, which gives the option to widely diversify the options for leisure and tourism. In addition, the proximity to other countries and regions as France, La Rioja, Pais Vasco and Aragón, makes it possible to visit them. We invited you to visit our town and our region, because we are sure it is not going to disappoint you.

Ayuntamiento Pamplona